Anti Hair Loss Shampoo 8ml

Anti Hair Loss Shampoo 8ml


Enhances blood supply in the area of hair loss.


Enhances blood supply in the area of hair loss. Activates metabolic processes.

Restores vitamin and mineral balance required for hair growth.

Strengthens roots, regenerates damaged hair pellicle (protective layer of hair).

Stimulates growth of "new" hairs. Recommended for thinning hair.

Deionized Water, Sodium lauryl Ether Sulfate, Cocoamidopropyl Betaine (CAB-35), Ammonium laureth Sulfate, Polyquaternium-10, Diethylene Glycol Distearate, (Radixginseng, Shouwu, Panax Pseudo-Ginseng Wall, Angelica Sinensis, ligusticum Chuanxiong Hort, Tianma, Semen Sesami Nigrum) Extract, Spice, Citric Acid, Isothiazolone.

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