Make-up Brush 3-in-1

Make-up Brush 3-in-1


Multifunctional makeup gadget 
In a single convenient and stylish package, you will find 3 brushes


A sponge for toning base, a large brush for powder, and a small brush for lipstick and eyebrows

- for perfect makeup, you need a dozen differently sized brushes, or 

- a single "3in1" brush from TianDe.

In a single convenient and stylish package, you will find 3 brushes:

  • a large brush - for applying and spreading powder and blush
  • a sponge-shaped brush for applying toning base or primer
  • a small brush with tapered bristles for applying lipstick and lip gloss or, for example, eye shadows and eyeliners.

This convenient cosmetic gadget is suitable for travel. It even fits into a clutch bag and will always be a helper for your perfection.

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