Worry about wrinkles?

Many of us worry about wrinkles and try different products and ingredients to stop the inevitable passing of time.

So what are wrinkles and why do they arise? How to choose the right products for you?

Wrinkles arise primarily because our skin, at the age of 25, stops producing an important skin building ingredient- collagen. Therefore, from this age, we should deliver collagen to the skin directly and supplement it to our bodies from the inside. Otherwise, our skin will lose its firmness, moisture and tightness, and its appearance will deteriorate significantly.

Modern cosmetology advises us to stimulate collagen production through other ingredients, or to recover protein fibers using appropriate anti-aging agents. Thanks to collagen in eye and face creams, shallow wrinkles will be reduced. Your skin will be firm and smooth again. Hydrolyzed collagen skin and eye creams stimulate our own collagen and provide the skin with necessary nutrition. Thanks to them, the skin is better able to retain moisture and therefore reduce wrinkles. Interestingly, collagen can also be found, among other things, in snail mucin. It is a rich source of necessary ingredients for us. In addition to collagen, hyaluronic acid and vitamins A, C and E which can also be found in snail secretions.

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