Sculptor of beauty and slimness

Body shape modelling

  • Skin firming and lifting
  • Only 10-15 minutes per day!

3D massager = 5 effect

  • aesthetic
  • cosmetic
  • anti-stress modeling
  • multitasking

Face and body lifting

  • increases the flexibility of muscles and reduces the expressiveness of wrinkles;
  • helps to get rid of double chin, to lift facial contours;
  • slows down skin aging;
  • stimulates metabolic processes, improves overall skin condition;
  • returns skin freshness, tone and elasticity.
  • helps to work out the body in problematic areas: belly, waist, inner surface of shoulders and hips;
  • prevents appearance of edema and cellulite;
  • helps to split fat depots;
  • tones the skin and helps to improve body contour.

It is your personal therapist!

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