Is your hair falling out? Try the power of ginseng and ginger.

A handful of hair in your hand after washing?

This can happen during high stress, pregnancy or hormonal changes (such as menopause or adolescence). This is a completely natural process. But if they haven’t already fallen out, you should prevent it.

How to start saving your hair?

First, stop the hair loss, and then take steps to stimulate and renew the hair roots. Ginseng and ginger will help you with this.

Why is our hair falling out excessively?

A healthy person loses about 100 hairs a day. After washing, it can lose up to 300. But if your hair comes out handfuls, this is already a worrying sign.


There are many reasons for this problem:

·        stress,

·        hormonal changes,

·        genetics,

·        operations under anesthesia,

·        rough hairs (dyeing , etc.),

·        diabetes,

·        hypothyroidism,

·        chemotherapy,

·        season change,

·        alopecia,

·        seborrhea.

Ginseng, ginger root and panthenol restore thickness and health of hairs. Why these ingredients? 

Ginseng and ginger root along with pantothenic acid contain a large number of vitamins and amino acids that stimulate the skin and deeply nourish it. Therefore, they can also stimulate the activity of hair bulbs, provide the hair with the necessary hydration and sufficient nutrients.

Plant roots used in these products are at least 6 years old. This is because during this time they begin to have the maximum content of active substances. They have been used in Chinese medicine for over 5000 years to treat various problems. Especially to calm the nerves and mind, to relieve spasms, cleanse the eyes, improve memory and accelerate hair growth.

Root extracts are often used in shampoos and conditioners for prevention of hair loss. They nourish the hair roots and therefore support the growth of new hair. The ginsenoside contained in them also helps with mental health. They naturally help the body cope with stress, which is also a common cause of excessive hair loss. Ginseng also provides the body with other nutrients such as amino acids, vitamins, peptides, saponins, natural enzymes and essential oils.

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