Do you lead an active or play sports?
Do you lead an inactive or have problems
with your joints and back?

Take care of your health every day using the strength and warmth of tourmaline, which can restore the ease and joy of your body's movements.


Tourmaline is the only mineral on Earth that has a permanent magnetic field. This property has become the basic aspect for its use in products with a tourmaline layer. Human blood contains iron and therefore has its own electromagnetic field. Interaction with tourmaline leads to blood microfluid, which increases cellular metabolism.

This has several positive effects on the body:


· Improves blood and lymph circulation


· Increases oxygen concentration in the blood


· Activates cellular energy, regulates the nervous system

The tourmaline layer releases a pleasant heat that warms stiff muscles and helps with joint and spine pain. After applying tourmaline on your body you will feel a pleasant and gradually increasing warmth. It helps to relax and restore strength.

Where does heat come from?

Crushed tourmaline emits infrared radiation that penetrates the skin to a depth of 4 mm. This will initiate blood and lymph circulation. Tourmaline also releases negative ions that destroy harmful free radicals. They are responsible for the loss of antioxidants in the body.

The tourmaline back and loin straps reduce tension around the waist, lumbar spine and lower abdomen. Heat treatment relieves stiff muscles, overloaded back and stomach. The belts can be used for dry and wet heat therapy. Apply them directly to dry skin or place a wet cloth under them. The belt will relieve you of tension after intense sports. It is also suitable for people exposed to prolonged physical stress at work. It works great when traveling by car or plane (ideal for drivers, pilots or office workers). Increases the body's immunity shortening the recovery time.


A neck band with a tourmaline layer improves blood circulation in the head and spine. It is worth checking first how your body reacts to the belt. The belt should be used 3 times a day. Place it on your neck for 5 minutes in the morning and 15 minutes in the evening. Try 15 minutes on the second day and 20 minutes on the third day. There must be a break of at least an hour between applications. Apply such prevention for 3 months and then take a monthly break. The product will become an irreplaceable helper in the fight against neck and head fatigue.


How to use the lumbar belt?


The lumbar belt with a tourmaline layer is suitable for anyone who sits / stands for a long time. It is ideal for people after an accident and for people who feel overloaded with physical work or have trouble sleeping. The back strap relieves tension around the spine and lower abdomen. Use it intuitively, but never more than 2 hours a day. We recommend applying it to your arms twice a day for 45 minutes. After 20-30 minutes, your body experiences pleasant warmth. The first time 10-15 minutes, the next day 20-25 and every other day extend this interval to 45 minutes.

Tourmaline socks relieve tired legs and feet. They stabilise excessive sweating of the feet. The feet should have direct contact with the tourmaline layer, which is located in the inner layer - on the sole of the foot. With regular use of socks with a tourmaline liner, your feet will regain freshness and lightness.


We recommend wearing socks in the evening so that your feet can relax. At first, wear them only for a short while. The first day is 5-10 minutes, the next 20-25 minutes and we are gradually increasing the time. You can wear socks for 8-10 hours, so they can stay with you all night.

·        Prevent onychomycosis of the feet and nails

·      Reducing excessive sweating of the feet

·       Eliminating bad foot odour

·        Getting rid of cold feet (warms the skin)

When placing tourmaline products directly on the skin, they should be washed regularly. Socks are best every day (or every other day). For other products, this is enough once every 2-3 weeks. If you want them to work well, just wash them in your hand. Never leave them in the washing machine. Use only baby soap or tourmaline soap. Wash all products quickly (wash and rinse within 5 minutes). In summer, it's best to dry them in the sun, in winter directly on the radiator.




During use, the skin under the tourmaline belts may slightly turn red and give a feeling of strong heat or even burns. Don't worry, it's a normal side effect. The feeling of heat, burning and redness disappears within 3-4 hours. But always rely on your body's signals. If you feel uncomfortable, reduce the exposure time. Each body is different and therefore follow what it likes.


Tourmaline coated products are not recommended:

·        at elevated body temperature (37.5 ° C and above)

·        with oncological diseases

·       with varicose veins

·        in the event of skin damage where the belt or socks come in contact

·       for people with metal implants in the body or with devices in the cardiovascular system

·        during pregnancy and while breastfeeding

·        in people with increased thyroid activity

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