Detox Foot Pads Removing Slag and Toxins

Feet Plaster 2pc


Feet Detoxifying Plaster (elimination of slag and toxins from your body)
It provides an effective way producing a body detoxification method on treating different symptoms of several ailments.

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The components contained in the composition of the patch have a natural absorption ability and a strong antioxidant effect.

They improve the skin's blood circulation and remove toxins.

This helps to mitigate fatigue and muscle tension, improves sleep and increases the overall tone of the body.


In the evening before bed, open the packaging with the patch,
stick the sachet with the membrane onto its sticky surface and then apply it onto the cleansed skin of your feet.
Remove the patch in the morning, and wash your feet with water. Use immediately after opening.

Active ingredients:
Citrus aurantium
Body needs
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