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Lingzhi Revitalizing Face and Neck Mask

Lingzhi Revitalizing Face and Neck Mask 1 pc

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Thanks to its record-breaking collagen content, the mask transforms mature facial skin from aging and fading into resilient, elastic and healthy skin.


The product contains: Reishi mushroom extract, hydrolyzed collagen
Since ancient times, Chinese women have used Reishi mushrooms to maintain their
beauty and prolong their youth, because this marvelous mushroom contains effective
ingredients for whitening and clearing the skin.
Reishi mushroom is highly respected in the East; it is called the “mushroom of spiritual
power” in Japan and the “herb of immortality” in China. The Chinese emperor Shen-nun
composed a list of 365 herbs, dividing them into 3 categories: “excellent,” “worthy”
and “fair.” Reishi mushroom topped the first list, followed by ginseng. This miracleworking mushroom has a very complex and rich composition, thanks to which it helps
preserve the health and maintain the beauty of skin.

Reishi mushroom is a pure organic germanium.
Its uniqueness lies in the fact that it influences the
skin at a deep level, saturating it with oxygen while
neutralizing the harmful effect of free radicals.
Moreover, Reishi mushroom contains natural

Effect of the mask’s active ingredient
Reishi mushroomcontains microelements, organic acids, polysaccharides, coumarins,
vitamins, phytoncides, triterpenes, polysaccharides, ganoderma acids and germanium.
Thanks to them, it virtually “revives” the skin, nourishes it, clears and rejuvenates.

• antioxidant effect,
• nourishes and moisturizes,
• protects the skin, prevents early aging,
• improves the complexion.

The use of the mask preserves and regulates the skin’s moisture content, tones, makes
the skin elastic, smooth and velvety. The mask changes the complexion.

Directions: apply the mask to the cleansed facial skin,
remove in 15-20 minutes, rinse the face with water.
Do not apply to injured, irritated or inflamed skin


Skin requirements
Nutrition and recovery
Active ingredients:
Ganoderma lucidum
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