Foot care

foot care

If you want after a long, hard day's work often feel the rise of physical and mental strength and to please herself, take a bath for the feet with the use of series Talasso. The structure consists of bathing the following active ingredients: extracts of Sophora, kohii, Zhgun-root, lavender oil, cayenne pepper, camphor oil, an extract of olives, alum. Unique active ingredients of health care for foot baths Talasso, stimulating bioactive points, have a salutary effect on the entire human body. They activate blood circulation, regulate metabolism ksummerchny, purified human meridians (channels through which vital energy circulates qi) and balance the yin and yang meridians.

According to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, the human foot reflex zones are concentrated all its organs, the total number - more than sixty. So, stop accumulates information as to the general state of human health, and his every organ separately. While working on the reflex zones of the foot, you can have a positive impact on human health, to coordinate the work of the internal organs. Foot massage improves the functioning of nerves, lymphatic and circulatory systems.

Doctors of traditional Chinese medicine believe taking a hot foot bath before bed easiest and effective way to maintain good health. Applying regular baths with subsequent grinding and kneading foot to produce impressive results. Using the layout of bioactive points on the feet, you can to influence the organs and body parts.

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