Hand Care

Hand Care

Hands describe us as a person more than we think.
They are an original business card for every woman and an indicator of success.
Human hands are not only able to demonstrate their extraordinary strength and perseverance – if necessary, but their gentleness and softness.
In all cases, hands should be taken care of.
Do not forget to put cream on them after each wash to protect the skin from harmful UV rays, also from dryness, irritation, scratches, cuts and pigment spots.
As an example, a statistical average woman: washes her hands 5 times a day, cleans her hands along with vegetables 20 times a month, washes her hair about a 150 times per year, cleans t / using different harmful to the hue bathroom/kitchen about 500 times in 10 years using chemicals, and washes the pots about 36000 times in a life time. More – walks out in the cold, sunbathes on the beach, and uses the keyboard. Uses powders, gels, chemicals, toothpaste, etc. But no one thinks about the challenge this is for our hands. 

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