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Toothbrush for children - Ergonomic Shape

Toothbrush for children - Ergonomic Shape,ProDental, 1pcs, TianDe

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Kids' gentleness. Grown-up effectiveness

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The unique bristles of the toothbrush allow for gentle cleansing of the sensitive enamel of baby teeth, as well as gums, on which up to 90% of all oral bacteria accumulate.

The head of the toothbrush is removable and transformable, changing the angle of inclination in order to facilitate cleansing of the lower part of back teeth.

The ergonomic shape of the toothbrush enables its comfortable use, as well as its proper and safe grasping.


The toothbrush is subject to replacement in case of the deformation of filaments. Duration of use must not exceed 2-3 months.

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Fresh breath and strong teeth
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