Perfect Purifying Clear Pore Strip

Perfect Purifying Clear Pore Strip 1pcs.


Perfect Purifying Clear Pore Strip (deep cleansing). Deep pore cleansing is very important for oily skin. Otherwise, you won’t be able to avoid blackheads or comedones.

Deep pore cleansing is very important for oily skin. Otherwise, you won’t be able to avoid
blackheads or comedons.

A comedon (Latin comedo, comedonis — “glutton”) is
a pore overfilled with a mixture of thick sebum fat and
keratinized cells. A small plug is formed, whose “apex” is
oxidized in the air and turns black.

Comedons like to concentrate in the center of attention — on the nose. The Clear Pore

Purifying Strip in the Master Herb line will help get rid of them. Its cotton base is saturated
with active ingredients, including the mineral bentonite and Hamamelis virginiana leaf


• is a natural mineral distinct from clay in that it forms a gel when mixed with liquid;
• absorbs dirt and sebum;
• rids the skin of toxins.

Hamamelis virginiana leaf extract:

• constricts pores no less effectively than special lotions; reduces the secretion of oil
• is a source of tannins, which provide a bactericidal effect;
• is a source of flavonoids, which boast antioxidant properties.

• Cleanses and constricts pores, ridding them of comedons.
• Reduces oil gland secretion.
• By creating a compress effect, Clear Pore Purifying Strip stimulates metabolic
processes in the skin cells
due to the active ingredients it contains.


Remove the protective film, attach the Strip to the nasal
area — once cleansed and dampened with water. Make
sure that it adheres well to the skin. Remove in 10-15
minutes. Use as necessary 1-3 times a week.


Skin cleansing without steaming, squeezing or even a trip
to the cosmetologist!

Skin requirements
Active ingredients:
Citrus aurantium
Hamamelis virginiana
Titanium dioxide
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