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Provence Lavender Facial Beauty Mask, 1 psc

Provence Lavender Facial Beauty Mask, 1 psc

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French tenderness for demanding skin!


Is your skin thin, sensitive, does it tend to be dry?
Are you afraid of early wrinkles?

Your choice is Provence Lavender Facial Beauty Mask. This is the gentlest mask that will help you plunge into lavender fields in the southeast of France!

The product will delicately soothe and refresh your sensitive skin, restore a healthy complexion. The active components help cell regeneration and improve the skin’s resistance to wrinkles.

Sensitive, thin skin requires special products that will soothe and delicately care for it. We combined the mildest and at the same time effective components and created the most exquisite care for demanding skin.

Apply the fabric side of the mask to the cleaned face from the top down, gradually separating the pearly film. Remove the mask in 15-20 minutes, rinse your face with water.

Skin requirements
Prevents skin-aging
Wrinkle correction
Active ingredients:
Sodium hyaluronate
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