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Artemisia Herbal Complex Hygiene Pads Ultra...
Artemisia Herbal Complex Hygiene Pads Ultra Thin, 8 pcs

Artemisia Herbal Complex Hygiene Pads Ultra Thin, 8 pcs

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Ultra-thin care for women’s health and comfort

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Joyful and fulfilling life at any age, happy motherhood, energy and inspiration. Women’s health is the basis of everything.

Ultra thin Artemisia herbal complex hygiene pads from the Herbal Energies series are designed to provide women with protection and support their sense of comfort and well-being.

They contain a special phytomembrane with powder from plants beneficial to health. Artemisia, Cyperus rotundus and Angelica sinensis perform an antibacterial effect and prevent unpleasant odour.

Thanks to the hygiene pads, the days and nights during menstruation will be carefree and comfortable.

- The soft and breathable layer made of natural, 100% cotton fabric quickly absorbs liquid without the “greenhouse effect”.

- Protective barrier, edges and absorbent layer with advanced Sumitomo absorbent fabric provide increased protection without leakage.

Artemisia herbal complex hygiene pads have a beneficial effect on the female organism and maintain a skin friendly pH level.

Thanks to high-quality natural materials and plant ingredients that are both effective and gentle, the pads are also suitable for teenage girls who want to take care of their feminine health from an early age.

A pleasant bonus: packaging with a special practical closing.


For days and nights during menstruation.

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