Day time sanitary pads Herbal Energy 8pcs
    Day time sanitary pads Herbal Energy 8pcs

    Day time sanitary pads Herbal Energy 8pcs

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    Sanitary pads for day time

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    TianDe Sanitary Pads “Herbal Energy”

    The composition of sanitary pads is a unique phyto-membrane. The sanitary pads are produced by the means of high-technology equipment. Enriched with a patented concentrate of plant extracts prepared according to ancient recipe healers of the Chinese dynasty Tan. 49 herbs are included in the recipe of sanitary pads: Aconite Chinese , vanilla, Chinese angelica, Oman, mint, honeysuckle, Chinese lonicera root, Sarsaparilla , cnidium , Codonopsis Pilysuala, borneol, Phellodendron,Conioselinum tataricum, sweet flag. The phyto-membrane pads are produced using special technology processing freshly cut plants, which provides a high density of active components and phyto-cells, (their concentration of active components is 70-80 %, which repeatedly exceeds the analogous indicators in stocks and infusions). Besides, the phyto-membrane further provides a high air permeability and good absorption. Exclusive production technology pads include plant cells, the extraction of these therapeutic agents, concentrating the vacuum of magnetization active components and sterilization. Sanitary pads contain critical test nights express micro-flora. A medical control is advised in complex therapy of gynaecological diseases, with clear symptoms of inflammatory processes, including the original to prevent yeast gynaecological diseases, hormonal background normalization, and improving the quality of life.

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