Relax & Moisture Phyto Hand Cream, 80g
    Relax & Moisture Phyto Hand Cream, 80g

    Relax & Moisture Phyto Hand Cream, 80g

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    For those who work with their hands!

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    This cream will be a true saviour for tired, overworked hands. Even though modern appliances work for you in the kitchen, you are still put strain on your hands. On the keyboard at the computer, when exercising at the gym, when working at the cottage, when you actively play with the kids… It is therefore very important to give your hands the rest they deserve.

    Give yourself and your hands a full-fledged rest after a long day. Gently massage the hands before going to bed and you will boost the effect of the cream. "Relaxation and Hydration" Phytocream:
    - intensively hydrates and softens the skin on the hands
    - tightens the skin
    - in combination with massage, it removes fatigue and discomfort after excessive physical exertion

    The cream contains a complex of natural extracts and oils from taiga plants and nourishing and moisturising ingredients.

    Apply the cream to the clean skin of the hands.

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